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4 December 2022 by Dee Kaph

I miss the old internet.

My first online expeditions were conducted over a Hayes 1200/300bps dial-up modem (if you're feeling nostalgic this has a collection of dial-up handshakes) which was hilarious because I could literally type faster than the modem could transmit so I would issue a string of commands and then sit back and watch as they made their way across a single pair of copper wires.

I hate what Facebook has done to the internet. Not just the spying, not just the toxicity, but the way that it made everyone's profiles uniform. How did this replace MySpace?? Why did everyone just decide to give up configurability to have a standard, non-darkmodable corporate feed?    

The old web was fun. It wasn't slick, people built their own websites in notepad with little to no knowledge of HTML and called it their "digital home on the web." 

Yeah it was a little cringe but whatever man it was unique.

Be the change you wish to see.

So I figured, you know what? I've had this domain kicking around for the past 20 years. For the past 15 or so it's basically just been parked but I never wanted to give it up. Well heck, I've got a nice server parked in my basement, I could spin up a VM to host it. 

It could be my digital home on the web... again.

Fuck corporate social media. Fuck Facebook, fuck Twitter.

I'm returning to monke.